Full time farrier 

Flexible full time hours

Compensation will be commensurate with experience and capabilities


Job requirements: 

  • Able to confidently and comfortably perform basic trimming and hot shoeing


Training requirements:

  • 5 months of formal shoeing school

  • 1 year hands on shoeing experience as apprentice or employee

  • AFA certification preferred


  • skills and experience equivalent to the above


To apply:

Please email the following to jessthefarrier@gmail.com:

  1. Pictures of your trim and shoe jobs (top of hoof and bottom of hoof)

  2. Video of you trimming a horse (please upload your videos to youtube and send a link)

  3. Video of you nailing and finishing a shoe (please upload your videos to youtube and send a link)

  4. Your Reseumé or: 

    1. Previous job history for the last 3-5 years

    2. 3 professional references (phone and email), at least 2 being farriers you have worked with/worked for

    3. Your phone number so we can contact you.