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How to get your farrier to show up, come back, and communicate well 

Start off by calling the new farrier instead of texting. Do what you can to hear their voice and let them hear yours. Start forming a trusting relationship the second you start pursuing a farrier. There's a good chance they will not answer their phone so leave a message. Be very clear about how many horses you have and what you need done. If you have a super tiny herd make sure you acknowledge that there might be a set up fee or a trip fee. Mention that you want every horse done now and then done again on a regular schedule. This shows the farrier that you are serious about having good consistent care for you horses. Ask them to call you back.

When the farrier shows up, you should have the horses ready to go. This means in stalls if you have stalls or halters on and out of the mud with their legs and hooves cleaned off. Do not pull a muddy horse out of what once was a "dry lot" and expect the farrier to either wait while you hose off the feet or expect him to do it himself. This costs the farrier time as well as leaves them with a wet horse. You can double check that he's running on time so you don't have them waiting if he's running late. Having them ready is just another sign that you care about the farrier, your horses, and you take their hoof care seriously. Farriers take hoof care the most seriously. Its our job, our focus. If we show up and you don't take it seriously... we don't want to come back.

Ask to reschedule before he even leaves your property. Ask what he recommends for your horse regarding frequency and go with it. Don't try to reschedule for "one more time before the end of the year" when it's July. Again, show that you care.

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