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Top 3 tips to better hooves

One: Keep your horse on a regular schedule with a reliable farrier. Don't ever go more than 8 weeks without your farrier taking a look. Even if it doesn't seem like it's necessary or they haven't grown much, still have your farrier out to keep them maintained. Small issues that a farrier could catch do not need to turn into an emergency vet visit and the best way for this to happen is to have a standing appointment with your farrier all year long.

Two: Pick out and clean your horses hooves every day. You might think this seems like a lot, but 24 hours is all it takes for a small problem to turn into something bigger. Picking out your horses hooves every day will also keep you very in tune with how your horses hooves look right after a farrier visit, and all the time in between, making you much wiser and able to notice a change like chipping, bruising, splitting, and thrush. I have a lot more trust in my clients opinion when I know they are truly in tune with their horse. This is so helpful anytime youre dealing with a lameness.

Three: Make sure your equine companion is getting good diet and exercise. Diet and exercise are unbelievably important to good hoof growth and overall health. Without good diet and adequate exercise, hooves don't grow solid hooves. Both good diet and adequate excersize will drastically improve both quality and quantity of hoof growth.

Happy cleaning!

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